SNEFA Compétition annuelle

 April 19, 2019

SNEFA Contest Class List
April 19, 2019
Pre-register by March  29, 2019 for $175 and receive a gift!
Register after March 30 – $225
60 minutes for Class 1 and 2
75 minutes for live shoeing/specimen
Judge: Travis Burns
Appropriate nails, unless specified.
 NOVICE: (Can have a « coach » but « coach » cannot modify the shoe or the foot.)
Class 1: Pair of Kerkhaert Standard Size 1 – front with quarter clips and an equilibrium toe.
Class 2: Pair of Kerkhaert Standard Size 1 – hind with quarter clips and lateral extension made by jump welding 1″ piece of 1/4″ round into the heel.
Live shoeing/specimen – 75 min: (Can provide helper to assist in holding hoof and coach.)  Trim and prepare hoof for first score, fit appropriate keg shoe for second score, nail and finish for third score.
INTERMEDIATE: (Can have a « coach » but « coach » cannot modify the shoe or the foot.)
Class 1: Pair of concave hinds, quarter clipped with safed toe, 12″ of 3/8″ X 3/4″ concave.
Class 2: Pair of lateral support fronts, toe clipped, 7 nail holes, hammer finished, 12.5″ of 3/8″ X 1″.
Live shoeing: Shoe 1 front with appropriate concave section, appropriate nails, pleasure fit, toe clipped.
 Specimen: Reverse wedge aluminum, 3/4 fullered front, for warmblood yearling, quarter clipped, 4 nails holes, 7″ of 1/2″ X 1″
  OPEN: (Can have a striker for the live shoeing but must be a novice or intermediate competitor.)
Class 1: Pair of lateral extension hinds, 3/4 fullered, 14″ of 3/8″ X 1″.
Class 2: Pair of onion heel hinds, quarter clipped, 7 nails holes, 11″ of 3/8″ X 1″.
Live shoeing: Shoe 1 hind foot with 3/4 fullered, quarter clips, pleasure fit, appropriate section.
 Specimen: Plain stamped bevel front, with bob punched toe clip, 16″ of 1/2″ X 1-1/4″, E8 nails
Call Jim Smith with questions relating to the contest at 603-312-1748
Contact Amy Lunt for registration at 603-785-9691,, mail entries to:
298 Old Francestown RD, Weare, NH 03281